Mostafa Hassan

My name is Mostafa Hassan. 18 years old. I am a mobile photographer Based in Egypt, spending my free time taking photographs, I am interested in street photography, documentary, still life and Landscape.


I am studying at the Faculty of Commerce, Benha University, Egypt.

I am not a professional photographer. But it’s a passionate hobby that I will never let go.
What made me choose it because there are several moments in our lives that we don’t want to let go.  There will be moments that we want to share with people who are not beside us at that moment.  There will be moments where we want to look back and remember, the mood and the feel we were in at a certain location.  I want to create such moments and freeze them in time. Looking back at some pictures I took to make me remember exactly what I was doing and what my mindset was at that time. This is how it started and then I learned the technicalities of a mobile camera and photography after that.  My goal is to inspire people, they see the world in a new way, and I appreciate every day creating a new need to break the pattern.  I am passionate about nature, environment, and people, and I am the happiest while on the road, exploring the beauty of this planet and getting to know people in different countries. Because of her interests, I focus on landscape photography and travel, which is the best arid landscape.

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