Dmitry Bayer

Based in Ukraine, Dmitry began shooting four years ago. He has tested himself in almost all genres of photography. Now he mostly works on conceptual shoots, adding suspense and creating a cinematic mood in his work as well as projecting his feelings and emotions with every photo, regardless of the theme or goals of the shoot. Dmitry has been published and featured online in Broad Magazine, VSCO and c41 magazine and was a finalist of EyeEm Awards 2019 in The Creative.

The Scope

(The project was launched in 2018). This project is about form and shapes, about harmony and imbalance, patterns and random stuff, weird things, and nonsense — this is all a SCOPE. The ordinary stories we don’t see every day cause we don’t pay attention as well, it could be by chance or on purpose, whatever, there’re the special details, the secret.

To view more of Dmitry Bayer’s work please visit his website.