What We’ve Found – Inktober

Hi everyone! It’s time for October’s What We Found!

For a long time, Aint-Bad focused solely on photography. With our team relaunch, we decided to open our doors to contemporary art as a whole. As a reminder of that, this month’s What We Found is calling for artists of ALL MEDIUMS!

Inktober is a month-long art challenge that most artists are familiar with. While most people are still in quarantine (as they should be), Inktober 2020 will likely have more traction than previous years. This is a fun way to create and improve your skills as an artist. Regardless of the list of prompts you use, please share what you’ve been making with us!

This month, we’re asking you to submit your favorite pieces that you create during Inktober, along with the word prompt that inspired it.

We will be accepting all mediums of art (1-3 pieces each). We want it all. Our deadline is October 28th! Have a fun Inktober, and don’t forget to get drawing!

Art by: Abbie Bosworth

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