Marco Barbieri

Marco Barbieri is an Italian Photographer of Czech origins who has been living in London for the last 14 years. He has a keen interest in how urbanism, natural events, politics and religion affect our lives and how we inevitably cope/react to them. This often acted as a lever that brought him around the globe from Iran to Nepal, Uzbekistan and Japan to explore different realities related to these topics.
In the series presented he travelled to Nepal to produce a contemplative view of life soe years after the earthquake that struck the country in 2015. He works mainly using medium format film with an approach that mixes documentary and fine art elements.

After the Quake

Nepal is still reeling from the powerful earthquake of 2015.

Tourism, a major player for the economy, is bringing benefits to those involved in the sector but also downsides, such as increased commodity prices impacting those living below the poverty line and loss of natural as well as cultural heritage.

I have spent a month traveling through the Himalayas, a relatively short time for such a complex topography. These are my visual notes, observations and encounters from a country trying to get back on its feet.

I have approached the project mixing elements of fine art and documentary photography focussing on the inhabitants of the country and their relationship with the spaces that surround them.

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