Andrew Shea

Andrew Shea is an Architect based in Boston Massachusetts. He graduated with his Bachelors of Architecture from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and his Masters of Architecture from the University of Virginia. Photography is Andrew’s main passion outside of work and his love for it began through his studies abroad in Berlin Germany during 2014 exploring the vast and diverse city through his Architectural Studies. Throughout his architectural work, he has explored methods of materiality and innate layering of spaces and objects. These ideas resonate through his current photography exploring the relationship of light and shadow within urban contexts after dark. When not exploring within the city, Andrew can be found hiking or skiing up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with his camera always in hand capturing the ever dynamic conditions of the Granite State.

Relics of the Past

This body of work is a collection of ‘relics’ from the northeastern United States which represent waymarkers within their local context. This project began as simple documentation of neon signage throughout the United States but has morphed to place these objects within their contextual surroundings, devoid of people at night to highlight the fragility of these places within the context of time. These locations were captured at night to highlight the soft color and gentle glow of these innately handmade pieces of the American streetscape from an era gone by. Whether they be theaters, motels, or public art displays these locations are landmarks within their urban fabrics yet are always threatened with removal due to the passage of time.

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