Luisa Madrid

Luisa Madrid is a first-generation Latina photographer who specializes in portrait and documentary photography. Originally from Miami, she now resides in New York City, capturing the many faces, cultures, and social challenges that exist in our modern time. Currently, Luisa is attending Brooklyn College’s Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema, embarking on a Master of Fine Arts degree in Cinematography.

LIVE from Woodside

“LIVE from Woodside” is an ongoing documentary project following two NYC Drag Queens, Ducky Sheaboi and Patsy InDecline. Impacted by COVID-19’s shutdowns, Ducky and Patsy resorted to thinking outside of the box and stream their weekly live drag performances from home, in order to generate income and raise awareness (along with funds) for community organizations that aid others during the pandemic.

To view more of Luisa’s work please visit their website.