Nofar Hatuka

Nofar Hatuka is a Tel-Aviv-based designer using print, manual techniques, and textiles.
Hatuka’s body of work conveys personal messages, focused on the sense of place, the concept of roots, and visual genealogy.

Owner of ‘Kuki Studios’, a conceptual fashion brand.

“Two women swirl in unison.”

Nofar Hatuka and Elena Georgiou recently met on Instagram.
Two powerful women believe in female work and aspire to provide a platform for femininity, identity, and roots.
These women shared experiences about their upbringing in different cultures and spoke about how they see our future as women in the world.

Photographer @d_loutsios
Hairstylist @raphaelandreou
Makeup artist @andreacostimakeup

To view more of Nofar Hatuka’s work, please visit her website.