Jenny + Allie (Jenny McClary and Allie Leepson)

Jenny + Allie (Jenny McClary b. 1987 and Allie Leepson b. 1988) are a wife-and-wife photography team. Drawing from personal experiences lacking representation, their focus is on capturing stories of queer people in ways that highlight their happiness and strength. The team primarily works with medium format film. They split their time between the East and West Coast.


We photographed Max Adler, a boxer and trans advocate who is launching a boxing club for LGBTQ+ people in New York City. Max spoke to us about the challenges he faced as a trans person in everyday gyms throughout NYC. He wants to create a safe space for other people like himself–one that takes them out of the shadows by doing something healthy and fun.

Our primary goal with photography is to share queer stories that show our strength and our ability to experience happiness. Max is quite literally an image of this.

This was photographed on 120 film at Women’s World of Boxing (NYC’s first boxing gym created for women).

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