Diane Hemingway

Diane Hemingway is an artist who tells stories of life through photography and interdisciplinary media. Her photographic work, which includes written and recorded prose, explores the spiritual, emotional and physical link between the natural world, memory and lived experience.

She lives in Maine, surrounded by nature. After a 27-year career as a software engineer, Hemingway left her job to reconnect with her art. Diane holds an MFA in Photography from Maine Media College.

The Wild Cosmos

My photographs and recorded prose in The Wild Cosmos chronicles my journey home, through life and loss, the past and the present, the humble and the magical. My parents were teachers with a great sense of adventure. They loved the outdoors, and each summer, our family of six piled into the Suburban along with tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, and our small collection of 8-track tapes. For nearly three months, we’d wind our way across the country, from Maine to California – sleeping under the stars.

It is impossible to navigate life without loss. Even as an adult, nothing prepared me for when the stars–my mom, dad, and brother–fell from the sky. Seeking solace, I immersed myself in the land, and in my art. Ultimately, it was nature that righted my world. Photographing as I retraced the cross country trips of my youth and as I explored my backyard in Maine, I searched for light in the darkness.

Writing is an important component of my practice. The multisensory world of my subconscious sends me everything from the whimsical and the strange to the sublime. I record my written prose to pair with my images. I select pairings that work together on a spiritual or subconscious level rather than making overt connections.

Both my photography and my recorded prose are love letters to places, memories, dreams and family. Each is an invitation to pay attention.

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