Marygrace Gladden

Marygrace Gladden (b. 1998) is an artist with a primary interest in analog photographic mediums. She utilizes a large format field camera and pinhole cameras to emphasize the core elements of photography; light and time. She continues to explore the meaning and relationship of these two elements as they relate to her personal life and her memories.

Relearning Home

Looking back on my life it seems to only be one minute, filled to the brim with memories of so many different places. These personal spaces feel foreign when I try to recall them now. Trying to make my memories less distorted and associating them with some realness and accuracy has helped when it comes to remembering times that have passed.
This work is an effort to make my memories more vivid as well as documenting my time at home as an adult. Once these places are out of my reach, I will have the photographs as artifacts of when they were mine.

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