Jiageng Lin

Jiageng Lin is a Chinese artist currently based in Rochester, NY. He is pursuing his MFA at Rochester Institute of Technology. Jiageng’s work asks the questions: How do we see the world? And, how does photography shape and form our minds? His work integrated different mediums such as photo books, collages, and installations. Jiageng’s work has been exhibited and published internationally.

Say Cheese!

‘Say cheese!’ is a body of work created with images that I collected from different old camera manuals. These images were used to teach people how to use cameras and photography-related equipment. By changing their context and presenting them in both book and installation form, I consider the images as a way of looking back into the history of photography techniques and the relationship between humans and photography. These ready-made images say nothing much except their functional meanings, but when they are arranged in a carefully considered manner, new relations and meaning between them could be created.

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