Marie Marchandise

Marie Marchandise is a 27 years old photographer and art director living in Toulouse, southern France.
When she was a child, she wanted to be a poet. Growing up, she has been obsessed with the fact that she actually wanted to be helpful: she wanted to be a vet, a psychologist, a lawyer.
With photography, she combines the inherent desire of her first dream job as a child and her inner need and enthusiasm that have been developed from her teenage years to adulthood.
On a personal level, she loves exploring new artistic techniques, sometimes that she invents herself, as she really feels that she’s letting her inner child out by doing so, and she hopes that what she creates lets people escape, only for a few minutes.
If you feel something when looking at her photographs, it means that her job is done, if you are inspired, motivated, looking for something new thanks to them, it’s more than she could ever dream of.

She has studied English and Arts as an undergraduate at Université Toulouse II Jean Jaurès and she has taken a training course as a photographer at Institut Nicéphore. Her photographs have been published several times in different magazines.


“Movements” is a two parts photoshoot that took place between Paris and Toulouse. It is a remote photo shoot whose photos resulting from it were printed and assembled in different collages.
It is a collective work, with a team composed of: Michelle Tshibola, artist, seamstress, and owner of the brand Michelle TSM², Agnès Tassel, model, Hugo Bardin, hair artist, Océane Susini, make up artist, and Marie Marchandise, photographer and art director.
The work is centered on how to catch movements when you are a chronically ill and quarantined artist, and so, how you can reproduce movements and motions through abstract compositions.

As a vulnerable person suffering from a chronic illness, this quarantine made me wonder about how I could still manage to work with a team and photograph movements. Catching movements is indeed what I enjoy the most in photography.
That’s how I decided to create handmade collages at home with photographs that had previously been taken. These different artistic compositions enabled me to create specific movements and motions, find another type of energy and let my imagination run wild.
Through my work, I want to remind people that there are other ways to work as a photographer and that chronically ill artists must have access to creatively fulfilling opportunities.

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