Ann Evstigneeva

Anna Evstigneeva is a Kyiv-based fashion photographer.
With the connection of art and fashion, Anna immerses the viewer in her own surreal world. Her characters are mystical and slightly ironic. Experimenting with light in her home studio, she creates bright and eye-catching colorful photographs. Anna’s work has been featured in several magazines such as METAL magazine, Schön! Magazine, Fuuucking Young!, L’officiel Ukraine, Recens Paper and others.

Inner Circus is a project by Anna Evstigneeva with a great team of stylist Sasha Dudchenko and make-up artist Yevgeniya Kozlova.

What is hidden in your shadow?
“Inner Circus” is an art photo project, inspired by the study of Jungian psychology and modern interpretation of personality archetypes, based on the work of John Beebe, Linda Berens, and Chase S. Joseph. This is a journey to the inner self, to the depths of our ego. The action takes place on the stage of an imaginary circus, where the main 8 characters present their
surreal performance. Each character symbolizes a certain state of the human psyche. Four of them are responsible for the conscious, and the other four – for the subconscious, the “shadow” side of the personality.

Each character is unique, there are no “bad” and “good” ones.
Playing with optical illusions, Anna creates a dreamlike atmosphere with her pictures. “Inner Circus” fashion component represents up-and-coming Ukrainian designers, such as ZHERNOV artifactory, Yelizavetta Volosovska, Tender and Dangerous, Nealyo Uniform, Ali Saulidi, and Postushna.

“For me, this project is a way to a better understanding of human nature. Studying personality typology, my imagination intuitively drew portraits of characters that I decided to recreate. Like all creative people, I doubt a lot and often feel vulnerable in my art. Learning psychology helps me to
know myself deeper and to express it in my work. The human psyche is an endless source of inspiration for me.”

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