I Look Good As Hell On Me: Kreshonna Keane’s Directorial Debut

Kreshonna Keane is a self-taught photographer from The Bronx, New York. Kreshonna has a very unique way of utilizing her environment and her surroundings to transform her images into conceptual artwork. In The Art of Reflection Kreshonna puts together an array of portraits in which she transforms her subjects from everyday New Yorkers into characters in stories of triumph. Works in the book have been featured in publications such as Cosmopolitan Magazine, I-D/Vice, Aint–Bad, Converse, and more.

As a portrait photographer, I’ve had the privilege of using the camera as a storytelling tool to take viewers on a visual journey and evoke emotion through my cinematic style of capturing moments. My first short, I Look Good As Hell On Me, is my latest offering taking these same intentions to the next level through film. 

I Look Good As Hell On Me is an evergreen contribution to celebrating women of color with distinct features and traits, stripping away the preconceived gaze they endure daily by showcasing their inner beauty and the way they want to be seen. Starring India Lyons, Azzura’e Wilson, Storm Dove Frederick, Ndeye Peinda, and Yamell Rodriguez, the film weaves in spoken word voiced by Francine Tamakloe and vignettes of each woman’s story emphasizing self-love and self-confidence.

I took an editorial approach for this project, as it was important for each girl to be styled in clothing that was specifically made to fit their bodies. Madesure NYC, a bespoke designer brand, crafted each garment, made to fit each girl. The goal was to be sure that every woman felt comfortable and confident in her clothing because when you look good, you feel good. 

For the beauty element, I Look Good As Hell On Me’s goal is to highlight their features (including vitiligo, albinism, freckles, etc.), not cover or hide them. Each woman’s makeup was done to perfectly match their skin with an editorial twist, while still enhancing the previously mentioned features. India Lyons, our model with albinism, mentioned to us before the film that she never had a makeup artist match her skin tone. We took pride in ensuring that her shade was matched perfectly, and even purchased eyelashes made to match the hair color of women with albinism from Ivoree Beauty by Jennifer Renee.

I hope viewers experience the power of self-love and self-confidence I felt while directing this film. I want this film to remind people that no matter what your circumstances are, you are your only limit and that limit can be pushed beyond measure if you believe in yourself, love yourself, and celebrate even the hardest parts of your journey.