Rafael Ramirez

Born and raised in New York City from Puerto Rican parents. I learned photography from college courses and from Germain School of Commerical Photography and afterwards worked as an assisant with different photographers. Lived in New York until 1981 when I recieved a CAPS grant from the New York State Cultural Artist awards, then I took the money and moved to Puerto Rico to photograph the home island of my parents.
In Puerto Rican I establish a B&W photo lab and mini photographic gallery in Old San Juan and became Treasurer of the Puertoican Photographic Society. Over the years many groups photo show in and outside of Puerto Rico.
Finally, moved to Virginia in 2000, leaving photography for 10 years until I felt digital cameras where good enough to use seriously. Around 2010, started photographing again.

Taxi Series

Between college and working in photo studios, I earned my living driving a taxi cab in Mid-Town Manhatten. These photos reflex the depression, and isolation I felt during these hard years. I constantly photograph everything, not trying to analzsing anything but just letting the emotions decide when to snap the shutter.
It was many years later I could come to terms with these images. Those that sparked the most emotion are included here.
These photo were exhibited at the Gallia Casa Aboy, Miramar, Puerto Rico. Then I set them away in boxes until now.

To view more of Rafael Ramirez’s work please visit their website.