Yuchen Liu

Yuchen graduated from the School of Visual Arts New York with a master’s degree in photography.

Her work aims to provoke thinking on the role of digital technology in traditional life as well as its impact on modern art and media. yuchen’s photography style has beenevolving and shifting rapidly during the age of COVID-19, as she has now shifted to digital media and abstract work.

With years of experience in photography and global work & travel, She now lives in Shanghai as a freelance artist.

fishing village

This series of works was shot when the photographer accidentally entered a busy seafood market in an afternoon during his trip to Hainan. Almost all the people who fish here are living sea life, called Danjia (means eggshells family ). They made a lot of rafts and set them afloat, then build up houses on them.
There are many theories about the origin of the “Danja”. One of them is derived from the boats they lived in earlier that looked like eggshells floating on the water; the other was because the Dan family believes that they struggle with wind and waves all year round, and their lives are difficult to be guaranteed. They are as fragile as an eggshell, so they are called “Dan family.” Due to the advancement of globalization, the Dan family have come ashore to settle. The author hopes to record the current life of this special group through photography.

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