Cori Corinne

As a woman, as a feminist, as an artist Cori Corinne reflects on what it means to claim space as her own. She seeks out stories that empower and inspire those who need to be heard, to be seen and to be recognized. Having struggled with her own identity and the varying labels that have shaped her experience, she looks to share others’ stories to strengthen the bonds within her community. Her work may be collaborative in nature, but consistently a reflection of self. One must understand who they are to capture the essence of the form in front of them.

Dress. Code.

A series by Cori Corinne reflecting on the societal scrutiny of women and non-binary individual’s self-expression and physical form. A visualization of our fragmented identities in the process of adapting to those who seek to define and control us. Highlighting twenty-eight individual’s from Cincinnati, Dress. Code. looks at each person’s process to understanding who they are and why they identify the way that they do.

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