Chase Castor

Chase Castor (b. 1987) is an American photographer from The Midwest. Raised in rural Missouri, currently residing in Kansas City, MO. He has a BS in Electronic Arts from Missouri State University. Castor is a freelance photojournalist and contributes to The New York Times, Vice, and various Midwestern publications. His work covers the Everyperson archetype from an intimate perspective, threading together a collective inner dialogue from any walk of society and subculture.

Our Lady of Perpetual Labor

Our Lady of Perpetual Labor is a body of images from coverage of the modern labor movement, The Fight for $15. Going back to a sit in at a McDonald’s in Kansas City where workers sat down and blocked the road in protest of McDonald’s poor treatment of it’s employees. This body of work looks at the movements organized action as well as a glimpse at what life was like for these workers day in and out. These people are my saint-holy-mother.

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