Cristian Pietrapiana

Originally from Buenos Aires, Cristian Pietrapiana lives and works in New York City. His work explores the vulnerability of human nature and its environments.
In the last 4 years he has incorporated the overarching theme of climate change into his work, making interventions on newspapers.
Pietrapiana has been awarded with The Sheldon Berg Award, was selected by The City of New York-DOT Art Program for a site specific installation in Queens, NY, collaborated as a selected artist for the LTA Program of the Guggenheim Museum and participated in several Art Residency Programs in the US and abroad.
His work has been exhibited in galleries, museums and art centers in the US and South America. His work is part of the Pfizer Corporate Collection, The Springfield Museum of Art and private collections.


During the last four years, I have been incorporating the overarching theme of climate change into my work. I decided to leave aside my previous, more painterly work and make interventions on newspapers, highlighting news related to the climate crisis combining them in a playful manner with ad, images, lines, basic fields of color and patterns. The result are individual pieces that stand by themselves or can be combined with others in pairs, a grid or an entire mural. The entire series is somehow a humble invitation for viewers not only to look at the work, but to read, the news, analyze, contextualize them and ultimately to think independently.

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