Chase Castor

Chase Castor (b. 1987) is an American photographer from The Midwest. Raised in rural Missouri, currently residing in Kansas City, MO. He has a BS in Electronic Arts from Missouri State University. Castor is a freelance photojournalist and contributes to The New York Times, Vice, and various Midwestern publications. His work covers the Everyperson archetype from an intimate perspective, threading together a collective inner dialogue from any walk of society and subculture.

Papa’s Summer Suit

When we were little, my brother and I went on a giant road trip with Grandpa. He grew up with little, so he never got to travel, only store up places to visit on a list he kept in his head. He wanted to go to Denver and Japan. He said when he was a boy, he was fascinated by big cities, so we had to do Tokyo and why not New York City while we’re at it. He wanted to show us the rust too, tired folks, and how that’s a kind of love and how being poor is shackles. It was important to remember his roots, so we always took country roads and stopped at every farmer selling morels, or pecans, one had apricots, was it Spring? It felt like Spring; it was hot as Summer.

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