Alina Birjuk

Alina Birjuk (1996) is a Ukrainian-Estonian documentary and portrait photographer.
Currently, she studies in the Estonian Academy of Arts, Photography BA and lives in Tallinn, Estonia.

Young Love

The first time I met Linda and Uno was in the autumn of 2020. I was walking home and saw the two lovers and decided to take a photo of them on my phone. I knew in that instant that I wanted to get to know them better. After posting a picture of them on Instagram. A friend of mine contacted me and told me it was their grandmother in the picture. Uno and Linda were happy and open to collaborate with me. Being around them and getting to know their story, felt refreshing and inspiring for me. I could let go of the idea that it’s only young people who can fall in love head over heels. I realised true love can knock someone over no matter their age.

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