Tris Bucaro

b.1994 Tris Bucaro is a visual artist whose practice confronts the self-image and intimacy through photography, film, sculpture, and performance. His works are rooted in generating visual tangibility, working primarily in analogue photography and employing the tactile processes to draw attention to liminal spaces and gestures. His research considers the location of the self within an image and the oscillation between totality and impermanence, utilizing the self-portrait as a means of examining the regenerative nature of the photograph. He has exhibited internationally, including New York, London, Paris, and Venice. Bucaro holds a BFA from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and an MA in Photography from the Royal College of Art, London.

The Height of Heaven

The Height of Heaven positions the artist in a state of post-intimacy, examining the transitional state of remnants and remains of sexual encounters and considering the implication of haptics on liminal spaces. Rooted in the action of generating visual tangibility, the photographs act as documents of the marks which no longer remain in these space-times, reaching for a sense of permanence.

The body’s ability to give and receive touch and to inform a space through movement and gesture is difficult to encapsulate in immediacy or singularity, a photograph. The ecstasy of an encounter leaves marks – a scratch, a bruise, a stain – and shapes how we view an initial touch or feeling. These works reconstruct that initial feeling which has already passed, but can still be felt and sensed in space. Hands leave traces, giving permanence not only to gesture, but to the life of an image, to time passed as a history embedded on the photograph.

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