Tagger Yancey IV

Tagger is a photographer, photo editor, and fine artist originally from Rochester, New York. He earned a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2012, lived in Brooklyn for a decade, and returned to upstate New York to pursue personal projects.

Queer In My Own Skin

Queer In My Own Skin is a collaboration with Illya Szilak and Cyril Tsoubulski for a VR exhibit titled In My Own Skin. Szilak worked with Loise Braganza, an Indian textile artist, to create a series of handmade garments that speak to the fluidity of gender and the dichotomy of hiding and revealing. The models were friends and friends of friends, and were asked to select a few garments to wear, partially based on a questionnaire asking how they would like to present themselves. Each model chose a different way to represent themselves and these queer skins that we live in.

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