Ewan Telford

Ewan Telford grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland. He moved to New York to work in the film industry, where he worked as a storyboard artist and art director for feature films and commercials. He also spent some time directing music videos and television programmes.
Ultimately finding the industry, and the medium itself, too limiting, Ewan has in recent years used photography to explore the themes that move him. He has taken still photographs and printed them since childhood.
 Ewan currently lives in Los Angeles.

The Ecology of Dreams.

The Ecology of Dreams

Image/ text study of the last outpost of the West, Los Angeles, and its collective unconscious. Less the Tinseltown of sun and surf, rather a 21st Century megalopolis after forty years of neoliberal capitalism: a city of corporate empires and militarized police forces, gated communities and environmental catastrophe. It is also a city of deep mystery and strange beauty. Combines documentary, history, fiction: in LA reality and fantasy are in a terminal feedback loop.

The title is inspired by Reyner Banham’s book The Architecture of Four Ecologies, which found the meaning of Los Angeles in its four “ecologies”: the beaches, freeways, flatlands and hills. The city’s fifth ecology, I propose, is that of dreams, which are famously central to the city and to the nation. The meaning and cost of those dreams are open to interpretation.

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