Christopher Borrok

Christopher Borrok is an artist and photographer based in Brooklyn NY. Born in NYC and raised in Florida, Borrok was trained as an architect at the University of Florida. In 2012 he received his Masters in Digital Photography from The School of Visual Arts, where he received highest honors in recognition of exceptional work amongst Master’s candidates. His career started in the early 90’s as a sculptor amidst the thriving art community and social scene of the Lower East Side and Williamsburg. A successful designer and builder, Borrok’s current art practice revolves around photography. His early sculptural work was exhibited in many seminal group shows in the early 90’s, and more recently his photographic work has been exhibited in group shows and at notable photographic galleries and centers throughout the United States. Borrok has received awards from The American Society of Media Photographers, his images have been published in the photographic journal Capricious Magazine, and he continues to be featured online in photographic journals and blogs. His service work for North Brooklyn Farms has been published in Vice Media Eats, and GQ Business Taiwan. Borrok lives in Brooklyn NY with his wife and son.

No Cash, no grass, no ass, no free ride.

The images presented here are from Borrok’s project titled “No cash, no grass, no ass, no free ride.” For this body of work he assembles, edits and at times manipulates images that were taken over six years with an assortment of cameras and i-phones and at times have appeared in previous embodiments of his creative output. Borrok’s intent is to look at the gestalt of the chaotic captures, and how the resulting work(s) can define an independent psychic and spiritual presence.

With “No cash, no grass, no ass, no free ride” Borrok takes a very democratic egalitarian approach to the use of his images for the creation of a larger whole. Images that are taken for family photos, out of curiosity, documentation, community service, escape from boredom and detritus from the humble brag are all up for grabs. Photos depicting humor, fear, warmth, memory, the inane and the banal as well as the touching and the moving. The whole becomes its own entity built on this scaffold of chaotic captures.

Photos are used from this very humanistic daily landscape level to blend with the otherworldly place of dreams and memory in search for an authenticity of being, the genius loci of a spiritual or psychic journey. A document or artwork that reflects a grappling for a spiritual presence and place within a secular environment and personal history.

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