Michael Paniccia

Michael Paniccia is a New York based photographer and recent MFA graduate of photography, video and related media at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. His work is an unspoken narrative of vision loss. Upon his arrival in New York City for graduate school, Paniccia experienced diabetic episodes that resulted in a lack of sight caused by high levels of sugar in his blood. His series Episodic Vision explores the visual restrictions and limitations of the human body. Using this fear as inspiration, Paniccia’s work helps to explain and understand these events. By using pinhole lenses attached to his digital camera, he recreates the soft blurry focus experienced by his diabetic episodes.

Paniccia also participated in stillspotting nyc a project funded by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in NYC that asked locals and visitors how they find respite in the “city that never sleeps.” Paniccia responded with this video, a “weaving pattern of visual and auditory street noise creates a cadence of riding his bicycle to find calmness in a constantly moving and often chaotic city.”

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For more information about and work by Michael Paniccia, visit his website.