Erin Carr

Erin Carr is a twenty two year old artist trying to figure out her life in New York City. She’s from the suburbs of New Jersey, which plays an important role in her work. She will be receiving her BFA in Photography & Video from the School of Visual Arts this spring. She likes checking the weather, going to art museums, and fighting white supremacy.

Trophy Case (In Progress)

As a girl growing up in a white man’s world, it’s hard not to be reminded everyday of the white masculinity that surrounds me. I find myself exposed to the constant presence of white masculinity, through the settings I come upon in everyday life, like a deer head in an empty ballroom or a bust of a Confederate commander. These objects can be thought of as trophies that embody the historic dominance and success that white men have had in the United States.

The series is constructed as a fabricated photographic archive, created by combining the photographs of “trophies” with untraditional portraits of myself and the men in my immediate family, alongside personal family photographs. Exploring the involvement men have had in my life; these images, like objects stored in a trophy case, enable the viewer to criticize an “idealized” past. With this project, I’ve decided to question my past and challenge the familiar spaces around me.

To see more of Erin’s work, check out her website.