Owen Conway

Owen Conway (b. 1988, Dobbs Ferry, NY, United States) is an artist interested in making work about how people deal with loss and longing in their every day lives, specifically focusing on commonplace elements often overlooked when considering these ideas. Conway is interested in celebrating the overlooked, half-hearted, and weary attempts to fix things that have been broken. He currently lives in Chicago, IL, where he continues to see this thread he has been pulling at weave it’s way through his new home.

Untitled (B’s Bathroom), 2014

Untitled (Corvette), 2015

Untitled (The Metropolitan Museum of Art), 2015

We Have To Carry On Somehow

What’s most noticeable about Owen Conway’s collection, and his photographic perspective in general, is the vibration inherit in the images. Conway’s images are often just outside the ‘normal’ captured moment, either just before or after. There can be a melancholy brought on by those that take place in the after, a sort of longing for what has just happened, and that human nature to be curious as to what it was that was just missed. While in those photos that are of the just before, where you can almost feel someone about to make their appearance on the page, there a hopefulness and even anxiety in the air – what shall happen?

The title of the project, We Have To Carry on Somehow, fits because it does not focus on our great achievements, nor the sadness we may bravely face. It’s the moments that no one actually pays attention to, but is where we spend most of our day.

Mom, 2015

Untitled (Ridgewood), 2015

Untitled (Tape), 2015

Untitled (Chandelier), 2015

Untitled (Extension Cord), 2015

Untitled, 2015

untitled (Flowers I), 2015

Untitled (Bliss), 2014

Untitled, 2015

Untitled, 2015

Moonrise, 2016

Untitled (Lunch I), 2016

Untitled (Lunch II), 2016

BB Gun, 2014

Untitled (Papa), 2014

Untitled (Flowers II), 2015

Untitled (Sinking), 2015

To view more of Owen Conway’s work please visit his website.