Qihui Chen

Qihui Chen was born in China. He trys to argue for an understanding of masculinity liberated from societal expectations and gender norms,and yet the problem of finding this is tied by the limits of the patriarchal societies we are embedded in.He struggles to articulate this dilemma through his intimate narratives concerned with young people’s lives and emotions.His works are marginal and distant, always digressing into the unintended, yet maintaining some sort of echo between the images.


' Greenland ' is the name of the residential district where I live. This area where the community is located is a high-tech area approved by the state and the government. The government wants to make this area as the ‘ Silicon Valley ‘ in China, thereby attracting a large number of Chinese young people to settle here. But with high housing prices and mismatched income, this project has gradually become a bubble.
I started with ' Greenland ' community as a sample, and collected young people living in the area on social networking sites to visit their homes and learn about their life experiences. ' Greenland ' as a metaphor of ' Utopia' ,tells the story of contemporary Chinese youth living in a small bedroom in the open environment of the city's external space. These residences have become their spiritual habitats , responding to their inner vastness,and shows the struggle and alienation between these youths in the boundaries between reality and imaginary.

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