Ricky Molnar

I am a 26 year-old Houston based freelance photographer documenting the world around me. I am self taught and while most of my work would be considered documentary or photojournalism based, I have an affinity for studio-based photography as well, the ability to completely control the creative process of taking a photo is something I have become fond of. In my future I see myself pursuing a career in photojournalism; finding small incredible stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. My most compelling photos have come from right here in my hometown of Houston, where I have documented homelessness, conflict, protests, and more. I am not very well traveled but an actively working on changing that, the more one travels the more one’s mind can begin to open.

Contemporary Chaos

The following photographs were taken in two very different atmospheres. One, inside of a wonderfully lit and creatively controlled studio right outside of Downtown Houston; the other out on the streets of Houston, under the lighting of the sun and clouds. One where order was of the utmost importance, the other where order was non-existent. One where emotion was imagined, cultivated and worn like a mask; the other where emotion came forth without warning and was worn proudly on a sleeve. I find it difficult to decide which is more beautiful.

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