Daniel Bass

Born Margate UK 1971.
Studied at Rochester and Maidstone UCA, formerly known as KIAD. BA (Hons)
Recently I have taken a studio in Margate (UK) at the Crate studios complex as I wanted to dedicate more time to making my own work. I have worked for Turner Contemporary, Canterbury Museums, The Beaney Museum, Whitstable Biennale, Folkestone Triennial etc, My work as a art technician pays for my studio practise. Recently I was instrumental in the installation of Tai Shani’s Turner prize winning exhibition and I exhibited my own work alongside the Turner Prize at the ‘Margate Now’ arts festival. I have also helped Kent refuge action, at risk children and people with limited access to the arts, make, exhibit and in some cases sell their own artwork. I continue to live and work in the town of my birth.

Happy Birthday

I have been photographing hand made posters which are made to celebrate someones birthday. To date I have photographed around 75 of these. These publicly displayed posters are made to celebrate and surprise people on their actual birthdays; they are usually sited so that the person in question (and everyone else) will see their poster in the vicinity of their neighbourhood or on their way to work or college. It’s a very public display of a personal greeting.
I’m fascinated by the unauthorised public display of these posters, coupled with the simple use of desk top publishing or basic cut and paste photocopying; a process more usually associated with the underground movement or live music scene is instead used here to create a beautiful and very human work of simple communication. Since the pandemic and my loss of work I have been able to spend some time promoting my own work.

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