Kat Torreano

Kat Torreano is a photographer born and raised in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. She is currently based in Traverse City, Michigan. She graduated in December 2019 from Northern Michigan University and studied photography and marketing. Recently, she has been creating work surrounding the overlooked environments in one’s life and in doing so, offering a refreshed perspective on the banality of the everyday. Throughout these daily observations, themes found in her work include memory, thing theory and the exploration of human emotion.


This work explores the concept of the mundane and the unobserved. As a people, we have a habit of tuning out the world around us. What if we occasionally took those blinders
down and saw the world as is, in its brilliant detail? Bringing attention to these overlooked objects is a way to create a refreshed perspective on the banality of the everyday. A revitalized mindset is one that offers clarity and a means for creative inspiration. This is achieved through the use of dramatic lighting, saturated colors and the isolation of subject from environment. These compositional choices enable the viewer to see the object from a new viewpoint; creating enhanced attention, almost as if it were an artifact perched on a pedestal.

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