Aldo Chacon

Aldo Chacon is a Mexico City born photographer, based in Los Angeles. His work is focused on people, sports and the unique traits we all have as individuals. Diversity, architecture, movement, wardrobe and colors are elements Aldo relies on to tell a story and capture his subjects. He is passionate about creating work that moves people and shows them a new perspective. Most importantly he wants everyone to have a great time.

His work has been featured in several publications. He is a current member of Diversify photo and an American Photography 36 Winner.


My work is inspired by color, architecture and people.

RED is a personal project that I have been working on for the past years. It is an exploration of not only a color, but the meaning and the way the color makes us feel.

RED is a project that is created with the purpose of looking at things beyond of what they really are. Through the combination of real and surreal elements and moments I try to take an audience on a visual journey into exploring things we see on our daily life but with an added twist. RED is one of the most powerful colors and I believe that serves as a basis to explore all human feelings, starting from love and ending in fear.

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