Jordana Bermúdez

Jordana Bermúdez is a freelance documentary photographer and storyteller based in New York.

Her work focuses on women’s issues and gender inequality, including her latest projects, Girls Can’t Skate, about the all-female and non-binary skateboarding community in New York City. Having spent her whole life in Mexico, where violence against women and machismo culture are normalized, she wants to amplify the voices of non-binary and women.

She is a graduate of ICP’s Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism One-Year Certificate Program and spent years working as a professional photographer in Mexico City.

Miss Orion: A look into the Dominatrix Community in New York City
Miss Orion, the story of a stripper who shifted to become a professional dominatrix in the midst of a global pandemic, and her fight to decriminalize sex work through social media

Sex work is entering a new era of normalization, with thousands joining sites like Onlyfans. While sex-positivity grows, platforms like TikTok and Instagram target sex workers, leaving them without access to promotional tools, connections to coworkers, collaborations, fans, and resources, and ultimately a means to survive during a pandemic.

Sex workers face discrimination and erasure as terms of service changes disproportionately target them. The most vulnerable being women and people who are BIPOC and LGBTQIA+.

This photographic project explores the stories of the dominatrix community in New York City. It examines the intersection of everyday stories, body, and sex-positivity shared experiences, challenges, and censorship in digital spaces. The images were captured in person and then remotely using Zoom and FaceTime.

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