Zach Jett

Zach Jett is a 21 year old fine art photographer based between Louisville, Kentucky and Savannah, Georgia. Their work is strongly built upon a foundation of self portraiture and inner curiosity. Zach often explores the creation of atmosphere and character within a photograph.

I Am

Questions surrounding the idea of identity seem to comprise a core within culture in the modern age. Each individual creates their own self to present; not only to the world, but in many cases themselves as well. Following my own desire to question who (or what) it is that I Am, I began an exploratory visual dialogue. These images seek not to answer questions on Being, but instead serve as a re-statement. Who am I? What separates "me" from "you?" What am I doing in this body? What is the difference between "inner" and "outer?"

Exploring ways to visually express my understanding of these questions has allowed me to open up new modes of expression in photography. By utilizing experimental color, light, composition, and multiple exposures, I am able to capture a dimension of reality that is not normally visible. Self is present through all that is, wherever you look, there you are.

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