Daniel Aros-Aguilar

Daniel Aros-Aguilar is a queer artist born in Colombia, now based in Harlem. Daniel grew up in Florida, where his family immigrated seeking refuge. After graduating high-school, Daniel transferred to BMCC in Manhattan. He then interned and became assistant to photographer Mike Ruiz. He later produced commercial and editorial work for Brianna Capozzi, Talia Chetrit, Danko Steiner, Miranda Lichtenstein and Daniel Gordon. In 2016, Daniel left his job as a photography producer to refocus on his own work. He has shown at The Greenpoint Gallery, The Cohen Archive Gallery and The Untitled Space in New York. Daniel recently wed his husband Adolfo Aguilar.

La Odiosa Incertidumbre

It was the lack of representation in the fashion industry during the mid 2010’s, that encouraged me to continue to create art and leave behind working as a producer. There was a need for people of all backgrounds and stories to be seen and for diversity to be a main topic of discussion. Needless to say, a lot has changed during these last few years. The project I am presenting, is a series of portraits of my closest friends. You can say, they became my family when I left my parent’s home in Florida. My parents are evangelical, Southern Baptist. I was inspired by tarot cards and the work of David LaChapelle amongst others. I wanted to conceptualized portraits, while naming each piece with a bit of intrigue and symbolism. Together they tell the story of my growth, and the growth of my friends during our twenties. The name was derived from the song by Yuri, “La Maldita Primavera”. I wanted the title to convey the same ethos of that song. However, this story is about living through a time of confusion and figuring out who you really are as a human.

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