Hana Frenette

Hana Frenette is a writer, editor, and 35mm photographer based in Florida. Her writing and photography have appeared in USA Today, Paste Magazine, InWeekly, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Florida 850, 2 Bandits Blog, the Pensacola News Journal, Downtown Crowd and La Costa Latina. She graduated from the University of West Florida with a degree in journalism.

A Good Ways

We are constantly saturated with imagery — commercials, Instagram posts, and ads, selfies, billboards, magazine covers. So much of the imagery we see has been heavily staged, edited, curated, filtered, or manipulated. We’re used to seeing perfection, poise. My work focuses on moments that exist outside a premeditated idea of what the moment should look like. Simple moments — maybe even non-moment moments. Snapshots that still tell a story or suggest a narrative. Frames that still offer a composition, but one made from what was already there. Subjects aren’t posing for photographs because they don’t know they need to because they’re unaware or unaffected by the camera. This isn’t a novel concept, but it’s one I find myself excited to return to again and again lately because so much of it — most of it — cannot be planned.

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