A Symptom Of Being


A Symptom of Being, October 2011, examined the way in which man copes with his/her surrounding environments. Breaking out of the purely national pool of talent, we were able to feature two incredible international photographers: Zhang Xiao and Zhendong (Benny) Xu. This issue deals more intimately with the human condition as seen through the eyes of the photographer.

Issue N.02
A Symptom Of Being

Introduction by
Osayi Endolyn

Featured Artists
Jamie Tanner
Eliot Dudik
Amanda Boe
Janel Kilnisan
Zhang Xiao
Michael Paniccia
Zhengdong (Benny) Xu

8.25″x11″, 36 pages, Saddle-Stitch
Limited Second Edition (250 copies)
October 2011

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