Issue N.03

Introduction by
Dr. Lisa Jaye Young

Essays by
Martin Parr
Joseph Nechvatal

Featured Artists
Benjamin Lowy
Damien Rudd
Jack Addis
Jenny Odell
Kieron Cropper
Manuel Birnbacker
Michael Younker
Mike Patterson
Rick Silva
Stephan Tillmans
Thomas Albdorf

8.25″x11″, 64 pages, Perfect Bound
Printed by Oddi Printing Corp.
1000 copies

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As a malleable medium, photography fashions itself to the trends of digital culture. An instantaneous and endless supply of imagery is met with an ever-growing demand for visual stimulation. Has the abundance of the vernacular in photographic imagery via the cell-phone and other forms of proliferating technology been raised to the level of visual noise? Or, has it revealed the marginal as fundamental? Either way, the archive overflows. It becomes uncontrollable and a Barthesian madness ensues infinitely expanding all previous photographic boundaries, photography finds itself at a galactic precipice and seeks again to examine itself anew, searching for a kind of meta-photograph.