Beyond Here


Introduction by
The Editors

Essay by
Robyn Day, Clara Ma

Featured Artists
Magali Duzant
Daniel Kukla
Caleb Charland
Jay Gould
Travis Hocutt
Robin Myers
Curiosity Rover

8.25″x10.75″, 64 pages, Perfect Bound
Printed In Hong Kong.
Edition Size 500

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Issue No.7 : Beyond Here was made with the following quote in mind:

“I am trying to convince people–not only the public, but lawmakers and people in power–that investing in the frontier of science, however remote it may seem in its relevance to what you’re doing today, is a way of stockpiling the seed corns of future harvests of this nation… Advancing a frontier–history has shown–has advanced a culture ever since the industrial revolution got underway.”
Neil deGrasse Tyson