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Introduction by
The Editors

Essay by
Frank J. Young
Randall Edwards
Richard Barnes
Lisa Jaye Young

Joe Rudko
Mark Dorf

9.75×12.5 276pg
Perfect Bound
Edition Size 1500

We have taken a step back to look at the last three years of Aint-Bad Magazine. Much has changed since 2011 when we were undergraduates completing BFA degrees in photography. As we have grown from students to professionals, we have also grown as a company from a small online platform into a bi-annual printed publication that is distributed internationally with the help of photographers and writers from every corner of the globe.

In this issue, the idea of the Archive, and all that it implies for photography as a medium, has influenced us to look back and reflect on the artists whose work we have featured both in print and on the web. We have built this issue featuring the work of 180 artists who share the common trait of being members of the Aint-Bad community. These photographs and texts are bound together to create an archival overview of recent photographic practices.

Photography is our best tool for documentation. Images have the power to influence today and inform tomorrow. It is crucial for the artist to use the archive to look into the past as well as the future. We are so fortunate to be in a position in which we are enveloped by images at all times. As visual communicators, it is essential to spend as much time as we can exploring, discovering, and documenting.

We record history with light. Besides visual data, there is implied information: who we are, where we are from, and what we think, encrypted as visual language. We generate the archive, making records of our existence. And as editors, we are honored to be able to produce printed matter as a time capsule, documenting fragments of time and new formulations of practice. Aint-Bad Magazine hopes to reveal an ever-more urgent, critical conversation about the human condition by way of provocative imagery.

Featured Artists :

Aaron Blum
Aaron Canipe
Aaron Norberg
Acacia Johnson
Akos Major
Al Palmer
Alan Chiang
Aleksey Kondratyev
Alexander Missen
Alexander Thebez
Allison Barnes
Amanda Boe
Amanda Greene
Andrea Tese
Andrew Lyman
Anna Beeke
AnnieLaurie Erickson
Anthony Smith
Antone Dolezal
Arnaud Teicher
Ashley Jones
Austin Irving
Ben McNutt
Ben Schonberger
Betty Press
Bobbi Fabian
Brett Kallusky
Brian Flaherty
Brian Shumway
Brooke White
Bruce West
Caitlin Peterson
Caitlyn Soldan
Caleb Charland
Camilo Ramirez
Carson Sanders
Céline Clanet
Charles Mintz
Charlie Rubin
Chris Bennett
Chris Bentley
Christopher Bavaria
Christopher Nunn
Cody Cobb
Colin Todd

Collin Avery
Cyrille Weiner
Dafni Melidou
Dana Stirling
Daniel Ali
Daniel Coburn
Daniel Dorsa
Daniel George
Daniel Kraus
Daniel Terna
Dave Hebb
David Daub
Dawn Whitmore
Diana Zlatanovski
Diane Fox
Douglas Ito
Drew Nikonowicz
Eduardo Rivera
Eliza Lamb
Elizabeth Moran
Elliot Ross
Erik Hagen
Florian Ruiz
Fred Lahache
Georges Salameh
Georgios Efthymiadis
Graham Miller
Houston Cofield
Jack Addis
Jackie Furtado
Jaclyn Wright
James Jackman
Jamie Carayiannis
Janel Kilnisan
Jason Reblando
Jay Seawell
Jayne Surrena
Jeff Downer
Jeff Rich
Jennifer Morse
Jillian Freyer
Joe Rudko
John Hathaway
John Steck Jr.
Jon Horvath

Jonathan Lipkin
Juan Aballe
Juan Madrid
Julia Staples
Juliane Eirich
Juno Calypso
Justin Kaneps
Kat Shannon
Kathryn Wimer
Katie Shapiro
Keith Yahrling
Kevin Van Aelst
Kimberly Llerena
Kory Jean Kingsley
Kyle Seis
Kyler Zeleny
Lara Shipley
Leigh Merrill
Léo Delafontaine
Lise Dua
Maija Savolainen
Malcolm Lightner
Manuel Correa
Marc Llach Pagès
Marcie Hancock
Marina Caneve
Mark Caceres
Mark Dorf
Maury Gortemiller
Michael Tittel
Michael Yonker
Mitch Karunaratne
Motohiro Takeda
Nguan Tan
Pablo Gnecco
Paccarik Orue
Parker Stewart
Pascal Amoyel
Paula Prats Olivares
Peter Byrne
Pierre Ollier
Rachel Martin
Rebecca Nolan
Richard Barnes

Rob Stephenson
Roxana Azar
Ryan Koopmans
Rylan Steele
Sander Meisner
Sanghyuk Yoon
Sara Macel
Sara Romani
Sarah Christianson
Sarah hoskins
Sarah Palmer
Sarah Pannell
Sarah Stankey
Sasha Pedro
Sean Ellingson
Sebastien Tixier
Stephan Tillmans
Stephanie peterka
Stephen Milner
Steve Bliss
Steve Veilleux
Steven Brooks
Sylvia de Swaan
Tammy Mercure
Tatum Shaw
Taylor Curry
Taylor Kigar
Thomas Bouquin
Thomas Gardiner
Thomas Pearson
Toby Coulson
Todd Danforth
Tomas Mutsaers
Tommy Kha
Tommy Nease
Travis Brown
Trey Wright
Ursula Jernberg
Valerie Chiang
Warren Thompson
Whitten Sabbatini
William Mebane
Yoav Friedlander
Yorgos Efthymiadis
Zachary McCauley

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