Joanna McClure

Joanna McClure is a photographer living and working in New York City. Her style combines portraiture, fashion, and still life- all with a common sensibility. Color plays a large role in her photography, where mood is often dictated by the color choice and use of light.

This body of work is a series dealing with changes in perspective. The photographs are largely smooth black surfaces with colorful light rings floating within the black space. They are meant to represent imaginary planets and eclipses within a fake solar system.



These images were created during a period of vast change within my life, having just had a child among other things. The response to the internal change is a body of work that seeks to visually represent a feeling of being pulled out of a former set of limitations and transcended into a vaster reality.


These images are photographs of light projections which are manipulated in front of the camera and contorted to create a new form, one that resembles outer space and all of its vastness-something larger than ourselves.

The large scale of the final prints, which is hung at eye level within a black shadow box frame, allows the viewer to become fully immersed within the image and absorbed into another world.


The result is a feeling of elevation above current circumstance, a feeling of being pulled out of your current place and position-a change in perspective. Her work straddles the line between commercial and fine art photography, often gaining the attention of her commercial clients through bodies of personal fine art work.

Throughout all of her images is a consistent use of color as both subject matter and ornamentation, often creating mood and emotion through its careful use.



Aside from her commissioned work she always has a camera on hand to capture the images of everyday life, often inspired by the tableaux surrounding her. This way of seeing has lead to a large body of still life journal images that is calming, and serene.

To view more of Joanna’s work, please visit her website.