Robert Rotoed

Vienna born photographer, Robert Rutoed photographs serendipitous moments that are a departure from the mundanity of everyday. “Right time Right Place” discovers those chance moments that typically go unnoticed and dissipate with a blink of an eye.

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While others are busy rushing around with everyday monotony, Rutoed is ready with his camera. His poetic discoveries capture tragicomic events that help draw us back to a more beautiful world, “away from [our] thoroughly rationalized world.”

“Due to the increasing pervasion of instant solutions into all areas of life, the world is sinking into monotony, people are becoming conformist. [He] does not observe this phenomenon with a repetitive series of photographs, rather he focuses on those moments in life that do not obey the standard rules. Because nothing is more boring than to picture boredom through boredom.”

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Keep an eye out for his new book!

“A new photo book by Robert Rutoed will be released in November 2012. The large-format, hardcover book will contain 50 color photographs from the past 5 years, the foreword is by renowned photographer, curator and writer Aline Smithson.”

You can watch the trailer for “Right Time Right Place” on vimeo.
Find more of his work on his website here.