Allison Barnes

Allison Barnes is a Georgia based large format photographer. She received her BFA from the School of Visual Arts and is currently working towards her MFA at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Her work has been exhibited in solo and group shows throughout the United States and internationally, including, 30 Under 30 Women Photographers and Personal Portraits, curated by the National Portrait Gallery. She is a contributing photographer to The Cultural Landscape Foundation. I have had the privilege of seeing Allison’s work first hand. From developing tray to critique wall. She has a unique way of sharing her experiences behind the lens. A true master in the making.

Allison_Barnes_1_o Wet Hands in Salt Deposits, 2012

Allison_Barnes_2_o Deer Head By Homestead as Leaves Turn Up to Rain, 2011

Statement :

Aboriginal Australians used toas, typically made of wood and gypsum, as signposts to mark the direction of departure from a campsite so that others could follow. Here, I present images that document marks as a collection of clues, suggesting that place is itself temporally layered, a palimpsest of the multiple traces left by individuals and groups. These markers are sometimes literally embedded within the landscape, such as raccoon tracks in the earth and the evidence of human passage, or commemorate a natural event, including a boars passing and the death of an animal.

Allison_Barnes_3_oA Triassic Display; Crystal, Slate, Petrified Wood, 2012

Allison_Barnes_4_oWild Boar Encounter, 2011

Allison_Barnes_5_o Fish in Iron Oxide Pool Seeping From a Desert Sea, 2012

Allison_Barnes_6_oPractice Walls, 2012

Autobiography and geography converge and each image indicates a location of personal experience while the 8×10 contact prints offer an intertextual investigation of the landscape. The traces, whether literal or transient, reveal the landscape as a repository of historical memory, of traces of a past and their complex connections to other places and peoples. Living in history means we cannot help but mark our journeys.

Allison_Barnes_7_oPalimpsest; Saguaro Cactus, 2012

Allison_Barnes_8_oAmerican Bison Encounter, 2011

Allison_Barnes_9_o Leaving Camp, 7:55 am. 2012

Allison_Barnes_10_oBuffalo Gourds Over Pack Rat Nest; Noxious Weed, 2012

To view more of her work, please visit her website.