Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek

Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek began his career in photography in 2006 and worked as an intern with Magnum Photos, NYC in 2008. He is currently based in Vienna, Austria and works freelance with international magazines such as VICE, Vanity Fair, Monocle, Travel+Leisure, Financial Times, Red Bulletin. His work has been included in several independent art publications and exhibitions throughout Europe, Asia and The United States. Daniel’s work displays themes of natural beauty and curiosity. Often using visual pun these snap shots possess a timeless energy. He brings about a sense of renowned admiration, as if we are feeling the world again for the first time. 17_gebhart_big_50_02_o 17_gebhart_small_01_o A-B: Tell us a little about yourself your background, where you are currently living, etc? Daniel: I was born in the mountain side of Austria – Tyrol. About 7 years ago I moved to Vienna to start up a career in photography. I’m autodidact in photography and struggle my way through all it’s stages since then. But it finally starts to work out pretty well and I get there where I wanted to come to. Clients trust me more and more and hire me for what I do and give me a lot of creative freedom. 17_3337_03a_o 17_3338_24a_o 17_296979_10150358481814091_2089193914_n_o 17_379318_10150857435834091_890279046_n_o 17_20101119-8810_07_o 17_gebhart_small_06_o A-B: What most interests you about photography and your practice? D:Photography is all about collecting and seeing beauty in small things to me. It’s like hunting. It’s force and release at the same time. Sometimes when I take pictures of beautiful places or nice people I start to forget everything around me. It’s like meditation. In nirvana. Hard to explain. A-B: Your selected exhibitions list is impressive. What advise could you give our readers on how to obtain gallery representation? D:Thank you, but it’s mostly group exhibitions and small stuff. I did not really care about gallery representation. Stuff like that just happend. I think it’s best to start up with a good idea and to take some time to photograph a nice series. Everything else will come together afterwards. Its more a feeling than words to me. 17_150x112_hohe_munde_leutasch_o 17_308600_10150307609939091_820533383_n_o 17_20110307_by_Daniel_Gebhart_de_Koekkoek-032_o 17_gebhart_big_60_03_o 17_gebhart_small_02_o 17_gebhart_small_03_o 17_gebhart_small_04_o For a more extensive view of Daniel’s work, commissioned and personal works, visit his website. Interview by Taylor Curry