Paweł Fabjański

Paweł Fabjański is a polish photographer. He shoots commercial advertising projects for SHOOTME (Poland), TANK (Germany) and TAKE (Italy). He currently works at National Film School in Łódź and teaches the art of re-defining contemporary commercial photography.

His work is inspired by cinema, literature and ‘urban styles’ (a style that he defines as a mixture of street art, comic and pop-culture). He creates pieces of art where both – aesthetics and concept – are equally valued features. His work focuses on humans and interactions within their environments.


AUTO FIRE is a cycle of Paweł’s photographs that treat – among others – about uncertainty,
indecisiveness, ones habits, ones anger. Its universal protagonist is someone about 30 years old and
at this point he looks back at his life.

The title AUTO FIRE brings the need of defining ones private emotions and feelings (or,
sometimes, lack of those). This symbolic 30s’ birthday is defined as a moment when one takes the opportunity to reconstruct heretofore life’s episodes into the most secure and safe for its own psyche form of narrative.

fabjanski_autofire1_o fabjanski_autofire2_o

The state of ‘in-between’ is the strongest linkage between the characters in the photos. Many
oppositions demand a final resolution. Paweł correctly picks up everyday absurdity. He takes out
its context of routine and shows it in form of an action snapshot that is, at the same time, both
documental and abstract.

The protagonists of the photos are suspended-like, since they are accompanied by an accumulated tension at an edge of blowing up in a second. Impression of a recently captured snapshot is heighten by its filmographic scenography. But will it twitch, will something happen? Isn’t it that it has already happened and now we’re just left here to analyse and understand it?
Magda Garncarek

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View more of this work, including commercial works on his website.