Andres Gonzalez

Andres Gonzalez is a photographer and educator who divides his time between personal projects, commissioned work, and a teaching position at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. He recently made a big move from Istanbul to Mississippi. He’s been nominated for a Baum Award for Emerging American Photographers, was also selected as one of PDN’s 30, is recipient of the Canon Italia Young Photographer’s Prize, and is a Fulbright Fellow. Andres obtained funding for his first photo book, Some(W)here, via Kickstarter which was recently was published in September 2012. Today we share an excerpt of photographs taken from Some(W)here.

AG_2 001

AG_ 001


Some(w)here is a book about a journey in the most concrete and abstract sense of the word. The images were made over a 10 year period and traverse as many countries – Norway, Tajikistan, Mexico, China, Namibia – interwoven to guide the reader through a collage of vivid, yet intangible moments. Delicately designed by the Dutch designer Sybren Kuiper, Some(w)here meanders through this language of place to evoke the perceptual, emotional experience of memory and dream.

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Interested in seeing more of Andres work or even purchase a copy of Some(w)here please visit his website.