Eva O’Leary

Eva O’Leary received her BFA from California College of the Arts in 2012. She currently lives and works between Brooklyn, NY, and the west coast of Ireland. Using photography, text and video, her work investigates issues such as identity formation and human behavioral patterns on the backdrop of wider social, cultural and philosophical implications. She is currently working on The Middle Kingdom, a project that examines uncertainty and disappointment in relation to the European economic downturn.


The Middle Kindgom

Uncertainty exists in the corners of rural college towns, it can be found in the landscape, it raises its head in the suburbs and sheltered communities across the United States. Occupying the space between innocence and experience, here uncertainty thrives. This work seeks out those coming into adulthood, met with the effects of collapsing emotional, economic, and physical systems of support of what was promised and what is.

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