Dawn Whitmore

Dawn Whitmore was born in Baltimore, MD, in 1983. She attended the Corcoran School of Art as well as a semester abroad at the Camberwell College of the Arts (2004) in London, UK . Her photographs have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in galleries throughout the United States, Lyon, France and London. Her work often focuses on different aspects of American culture. She is currently finishing up a four year documentary project on the culture of motorsports in America titled ‘Go Fast and Get Dirty’. Today we feature her most recent series titled, Collections.





I am fascinated by exploring the who,why, and how questions surrounding pockets of our world with photographic imagery. Much of my work is based on exploring niche areas of society by using photography to peel away or add multiple layers and angles. Oftentimes I will use images from specific bodies of work and combine them with other like-projects to create an altered narrative. These combined series often assess and examine the evolving lens of identity of self and culture.

‘Collections’ was completed in the first few months of 2013. It was inspired by a recent article in the New Yorker in which a man began illegally and obsessively collecting thousands of pictures of child pornography uncontrollably. This story got me thinking about how many people collect things or ideas and keep them hidden from sight. In the case of this project, I have used female body parts which are most often fetishized about and tucked them around a household environment so they appear to be spilling out into sight.

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Dawn will have a solo exhibition at the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop in Washington, DC in Summer 2013.

If you’d like to view more of Dawns work, please visit her website.