Paweł Fabjański

Paweł Fabjański is a photographer living in Warsaw (Poland). He is represented by two photographic agencies (ShootMe and Take). His photos sit on the border of art, fashion and commercial photography. Paweł’s images follow this ascetic, riding the thin line between art from commercialism. Apart from being a commercial photographer, Paweł is also a lecturer at Polish National Film School. He is truly inspired by cinema, literature and ‘urban-style’ – a style that he defines as a mixture of street art, comic and pop-culture. He creates pieces of art where both – aesthetics and concept – are equally valued. Today we share Paweł’s new Untitled project.


This series depicts the empty spaces of university buildings in Lodz, Poland. The emptiness atmosphere is set in opposition to the human creativity which can be clearly seen in photographed objects. Simple items such as coffee cups or pencils became constructive material for the human mind captured in a creative fever. We can sense that the spaces we are observing, just a small moment before were filled with people who tried to push their concepts to the next level. This series relates to the creative process and creative compulsion, which is locked in each of us – the objects are like scribble notes converted to three dimensional installations.

The series was produced in the National Film School in Lodz, Poland. Project is a collaborative work of photographer Paweł Fabjański and set-designer Zuza Słomińska.

fabjanski_pawel_untitled03_o fabjanski_pawel_untitled04_o fabjanski_pawel_untitled05_o fabjanski_pawel_untitled06_o fabjanski_pawel_untitled07_o fabjanski_pawel_untitled08_o fabjanski_pawel_untitled01_o fabjanski_pawel_untitled09_o

View more of this work, including commercial works on his website.